The Most Interesting Woman In the World


It’s hard to explain just what the NIH experience is like. Imagine being the most interesting person in the world and everyone you meet wants to get to know all about you. It’s that intense. Multiple medical professionals examine you in every appointment. The doctors you see are literally the best in the world at what they do – not even exaggerating. There are several appointments each day, and these happen precisely on time (to put this in perspective – when was the last time you had a doctor’s appointment, blood draw, or medical test…much less 3 or more in a day…that happened exactly as scheduled with no waiting or down time?). In between there is an ongoing dialogue with your nurse, who is travelling with you to appointments.

And in the middle of all of that is YOU – the focus of their intense interest.

Fortunately, TitaniumAmy is pretty cute as research subjects go. Today she spent most of her time with the doctors from the National Cancer Institute Dermatology Division, who are overseeing the whole study. The consult is incredibly involved, from examining every inch of skin, to finger and toenail assessment and hair clipping. It’s all part of trying to figure out this multi-system disease. There were 7 medical professionals (3 of them dermatologists) poring over her whole body. The photo above is an actual candid from the appointment. TitaniumAmy handled it with great humor, despite having been wakened at what was a very early hour for a California girl.

After dermatology, she had blood work (a lot of blood work!) and the ever-exciting medical photographs. You know those medical journal photos of patients that look like mug shots? Yah…those. This time she brought a bikini with her, though, so it wasn’t as awkward as posing in her undies like she did last year (live and learn).

We got back to the Children’s Inn around 3:30, and Amy fell asleep sitting up in front of the TV by 5.

Being the most interesting woman in the world is exhausting!


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