In The (Magical) Moment


My life tends to run on an academic calendar: Summer session has just ended, Fall quarter is about to begin. Grades have just been submitted, syllabi need to be finalized. Desperate last minute review requests have been handled, equally desperate add requests for upcoming classes have not yet arrived. In short, there is but the briefest of windows right now that I can put my mailbox into vacation mode and focus on non-work activities.

And there is a lot to be done, to be sure. There are all of those around-the-house tasks that get put off in the rush and blur of work. And of course, the ever-demanding medical tests and appointments for my girl that take up whole days, so don’t really fit well around actually having a job. It’s easy to spend a whole break just catching up on the rest of life and never really rest at all.

One thing TitaniumAmy is better at than anyone I know is living in the moment. She has this capacity for fully immersing herself in an experience that I admire and to which I aspire. So, instead of jumping right into my to-do list, I spent my first day of break with her at Universal Studios Hollywood. There, she transformed into Head Girl of Hogwarts, and part of Team Ravenclaw. She truly became that person, and the park employees interacted with her in full character. It was magical.

It was good to push aside all of the testing, diagnosing, monitoring, and never-ending insurance paperwork related to our girl’s health that has consumed us recently, and just focus on enjoying her. Right there in Hogsmeade, I realized that I’ve been missing my girl. I’m so glad to have been in the moment, creating memories, with her.

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