On Unicorns and Demigods


My daughter is a unicorn. This thought occurred to me today after meeting a phenomenal new specialist. During the visit, it became abundantly clear once again just how ultra-rare TitaniumAmy’s diagnosis is.

I asked Amy, “How does it feel to when doctors talk about how unique you are all the time?”

“It’s ok,” Amy replied, without looking up from her video game, “but I sort of wish they wouldn’t.”

Hoping to put a positive spin on the whole rarity thing, I over-cheerfully replied, “It’s sort of like you’re a unicorn or something!”

“Yah,” Amy shrugged distractedly, “but I’d rather be a demigod.”

Realizing my mythical creature analogy was a mistake, but feeling like aiming for minor deity was perhaps a little too special and unique, I said, “Um, yah…but…aren’t unicorns sort of cool?”

“Mom…unicorns are just…THERE. Their blood has magical properties. But, you have to take their BLOOD to get it. Demigods are children of gods. They’re like regular humans – but they have their own individual power!”

…I stand corrected.

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