The Very Best Day Ever!

DSC_0141aWhen TitaniumAmy found out that the NIH said her medical condition meant she couldn’t risk sun exposure, she said, “OK, I’ll be in their research if they figure out how I can still surf with Best Day!” It was a daunting task, made so much easier by the fact that our girl has so many people supporting her.

Best Day Foundation ( gives individuals with special needs a best day at the beach (or for some chapters, in the snow). In California, kids surf, body board, stand up paddle, kayak, and in general, just have a blast in the ocean. TitaniumAmy’s favorite parts are the volunteers and the challenge. The activities challenge her to conquer new goals, and the friendly volunteers make the challenge seem fun rather than frightening.


For TitaniumAmy to participate this year, we got her full body rash guards, booties, gloves, a hood, and UV-blocking surf goggles ( Her face was not covered in the water, but definitely slathered in sunscreen. On the shore, we had a UV-blocking tent that she could crawl into…dad and Alyssa spent their day enjoying it, too, lol.

DSC_0010The day went off without so much as a hiccup. Our girl barely noticed the extra effort that went into making it safe for her. We are so grateful that TitaniumAmy has people that have just taken her diagnoses in stride and let her get on with living her life. I don’t know if they will ever know just how much of a difference they make.


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