Best Day Foundation Ambassador

If you ask TitaniumAmy what she loves to do best, she will give you a long list of things. But, first among them will be to surf.

It’s an odd juxtaposition ~ the girl whose body doesn’t process UV rays properly is completely enamored by riding the waves in the California sunshine. So much so that the first thing she said when asked about participating in research at the NIH was, “As long as they tell me how I can keep surfing!”

The reason our girl loves it so is because of Best Day Foundation, a group of incredible volunteers that exists to give youth with disabilities the best day ever. And, Best Day loves TitaniumAmy as well! They have asked her to be an ambassador for the organization.

You can see her official page here on the link below. While you’re at it check out the rest of the wonderful things going on with Best Day Foundation!

Thank you so much, Best Day, for being simply…well…the BEST! ~ TitaniumAmy’s Best Day Ambassador Page

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