The Eyes Have It…

amy eye

TitaniumAmy visited Cedars-Sinai today to meet a new (and amazing!) eye specialist. There were a LOT of tests (over 3 hours of tests!), and many of those involved machines such as the one pictured here. This machine checks her field of vision. As she stares straight ahead, she is clicking a button each time she sees a flash of light anywhere on the screen inside.

One thing was reiterated for us today – that all of the machines, and all of the tests, can not take the place of a caring, capable medical professional.

A few weeks ago, I posted about a pompous doctor who basically wrote our girl’s eye health off ( Today, we found out that her eyes are doing quite well, thank you. And, furthermore, this new doctor WANTED to learn about our girl and about her genetic disorder. He wanted to document every part of her eyes and her vision so that we would be fully prepared to go to our NIH visit – and so that we would have a good baseline for the future. He spent a lot of time with us, and he answered every question in terms that we could understand.

What a difference an open mind and caring heart make. We walked out relieved and happy that we had pursued a second opinion – and very comfortable knowing that we had added a new member to Team TitaniumAmy!


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