Avengers Assemble


Not gonna lie…Cedars-Sinai is an odd sort of place. At the corner of Gracie Allen and George Burns sits the Steven Spielberg building…right across from the Max Factor tower…all in the shadow of the Hollywood sign. Knowing a visit to the geneticist could be a little daunting, TitaniumAmy came prepared – in her Avengers Superhero skirt.

Geneticists are also a little odd. They measured our ears, commented on the lobes, and clipped hair from Amy’s head for analysis. Strange as their practices are, they were lovely people. The bottom line of the visit was to confirm for us that the best place in the world to help us understand our daughter’s rare condition is the National Institutes of Health. Our girl’s genes are just that…odd.

When you think about it, the Avengers themselves are sort of an unusual group. Amy has an amazing team of Avengers – her doctors, genetic counselor, physical therapists, surfer buddies, runDisney folks, and amazing friends. They may seem like an unlikely assortment of people, but they are family to us.

So, Avengers assemble! We’re heading to Washington, DC!

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